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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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According to tweet and pix below , Leo was at today's Formula E Grand Prix in Long Beach , the same event he attended this time last year





JTcoach @JTcoach15 28m28 minutes ago

V Long Beach se nachází i Leonardo Dicaprio #LBePrix #FormulaE 





BoxInThisLap @BoxInThisLap 44m44 minutes ago

Leonardo Di Caprio viendo la Fórmula E en Long Beach. #BoxInThisLap

View translation



Leonardo Di Caprio seeing the Formula E in Long Beach. #BoxInThisLap







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Thanks ladies! This is a video from an after party after the race. Definitely flirty with that brunette, arm around the chair and everything :whistle: Not sure if its the same girl from the car though. These next months will be very confusing :laugh::p 




Scroll down for video it only works for me when I watch it directly from her twitter. 



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Just play it directly from the source on her twitter account, try not to click a link or anything, because it will just take you straight to periscope. If your on desktop you should just be able to hit play right on the video.



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1 minute ago, avaia said:

It says I need google chrome, safari, or firefox.  I don't have any of those.  I tried once before to download google chrome and it messed up my computer.  But thanks for trying!  :D

No chrome is the best :D:D


Well here are some caps then, this is the best I can do for ya :laugh:

000000.jpg 00000.jpg 0000.jpg 000.jpg 00.jpg 0.jpg 



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