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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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Leo at Up&Down for a after party with Rihanna celebrating her fashion week debut on Friday:



Have Leo and RiRi reunited?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna were both spotted outside the Up & Down nightclub in New York City Friday night, almost a year after the two first sparked romance rumors. 

It is unclear if they interacted. The two have never confirmed a relationship.






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Leonardo DiCaprio dropped $95K to be a real ‘Revenant’




Leonardo DiCaprio has plunked down a whopping $95,000 on an expedition to Mongolia, where he’ll go hunting with falcons and sleep in a “yurt” with Swedish explorer Johan Ernst Nilson.

“The Revenant” star and Oscar front-runner put in the winning bid for the expedition at amfAR’s New York gala on Wednesday.


Nilson, famed for his interest in environmental issues, will lead the 10-day journey that explores Lake Hovsgol, one of the clearest lakes in the world, nicknamed “Dark Blue Pearl of Mongolia.” Nilson tells us the trip will include horseback riding, eating with a nomadic family and “hunting with falcons.”

If they decide to do something like kayaking, DiCaprio will have lessons from a trainer.

While details of what they’ll bring will be decided, the star will be sleeping in a yurt, a traditional rounded tent.


The Hollywood star won’t totally be roughing it. A chef and other staff will travel with the pair along with local guides.

“When I do these trips,” Nilson explains, “I take people out of their comfort zone in terms of the inner journey and get them doing things they normally wouldn’t do. If you push your limits, the reward will be much higher. It’s going to be amazing.”



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I can't even describe how happy I'm for Leo, what a season for him!  Big congrats to our Leo!!!   :excited::chicken::clap:


 Also, congrats to Alejandro, Emmanuel, and everyone involved in this movie, really happy that won best picture too!  :thumbsup:


He's soo handsome in this navy blue tux, loved the pics with Kate Winslet, love this two and congrats to her as well. And aww, Leo kissing Maggie Smith, so sweet.   :wub6yh2cm:

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2 hours ago, katchitup said:

YheswThanks ladies! So happy he won his first BAFTA! He looks so happy and glowey this award season, hes winning so many awards you can really tell hes so happy :heart:


A couple more pics with Kate:

00.jpg 0.jpg 

These two need to be together LOVE:heart:




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