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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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I don't know if this is just a wild rumor spreading , but I've found several tweets that claim that Leo is now in Paris , and is staying at luxury Bristol hotel

I know Jade posted a sighting of him in LA yesterday , but at same time they are having his good pal Richie Akiva's birthday celebration in Paris tonight at 1OAK I%20dont%20know.gif

Celebrities in Paris ‏@CelebsinParis · 8h8 hours ago

#INFO Leonardo DiCaprio est à Paris, et il séjourne au Bristol

#INFO Leonardo DiCaprio is in Paris, and he spent at Bristol

Leonardo DiCaprio and David Beckham who are in Paris ptn!


Tks for better pix of Tom's Revenant shirt, I love it, I wish I could have one :)

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It had crossed my mind that he would possibly go to Paris seeing as how Lukas, Nikki, Richie and some of his other friends have been in Paris this whole week for Paris Fashion Week.

Although now I see Lukas and Milano are at Lake Powell in Arizona. Seeing as how Lukas was in Paris a couple days ago it's puzzling that he has now left and didn't stay for Richie's B-Day. This Lake Powell trip seems like something Leo would partake in.

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Where is Leo ?

Noticed just now that Kelly just posted pix from Rainbow Arch Bridge which is in Lake Powell area , so we can figure that Leo /Paris tweets were just as I mentioned possible rumor tweets , and that he was in LA ( as Jade's earlier tweet stated ) , and then went on to Utah area with Kelly & others (Y)

Also, I would guess at this point, if there really is a Revenant screening tonight, he is back in LA

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Thank you all for the updates! As to the screening in LA the other night don't think Leo went (obviously because we would have gotten sightings) but I saw Gracey Dove was there. Shes been posting alot of sweet Revenant content on her insta :blush:



graceydoveI was honestly looking into this beautiful mans eyes during this scene.. #GraceyDove #TheRevenant#Actor #LeonardoDicaprio #Secwepemc#NDN #IndianCountry #VFS #Vancouver#YVR #LA #Hollywood #dream






At the screening. official movie poster maybe? (one of them at least?)

graceydoveWhen you go to the cinema and see your poster for the first time...#surreal #TheRevenant #GraceyDove#IndianCountry #Secwepemc#LeonardoDicaprio #Vancouver // Dreams do come true






Reactions from the screening. Guy didn't actually see the movie but is passing along what he heard from someone who did. Three hours :o (though I don't mind a 3 hour movie staring leo :p )


metalmeatwad [email protected] 12h12 hours ago
THE REVENANT described as harrowing story that's imerssed into a realm of relentless barbaric violence that complements the story very well
metalmeatwad [email protected] 12h12 hours ago
Early word THE REVENANT. Being described as scenic porn (shocker) & "Apocolypto meets Cast Away meets the end of The Lord of the Flies"
metalmeatwad [email protected] 12h12 hours ago
Also, interesting.... THE REVENANT actually contains a lot more dialogue than you would expect considering the narrative
metalmeatwad [email protected] 12h12 hours ago
Just to clarify, I didn't see THE REVENANT. Just heard from someone who did.
metalmeatwad [email protected] 8h8 hours ago
Oh boy. THE REVENANT is a LEAN =3 hours hours in length
metalmeatwad [email protected]elNotCera 6h6 hours ago
The Revenant - "Leo was unrecognizable, Hardy needs to work on his accents..."



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Leo and Kelly on the new cover of OK Magazine. I posted the story in the GD thread :whistle: Looks like they have new pics of Leo and Kelly also shown on the cover from this alleged proposal dinner date in September? If someone can get their hands on the issue that would be great (I guess it comes out this friday? )



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I guess OK will have new photos from this alleged (once again story in GD thread :whistle: It's OK magazine ya'll so no getting your hopes up :rofl: ) Sept 26 proposal date in the new issue! So hey at least new pics :D 




So weird to see him on a gossip mag cover :p

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That was quick :rofl: (once again also posted in the GD thread )



Leonardo DiCaprio is not engaged to Kelly Rohrbach, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim, which is splashed on the cover of one of this week’s tabloids. We’re told by a mutual friend of ours and DiCaprio’s that the story is simply untrue “garbage.”


While Gossip Cop is told Dicaprio is certainly enjoying dating Rohrbach, he did not propose to her, and they are not engaged. A source close to the star exclusively tellsGossip Cop the tabloid’s report is “garbage.”








At least we got some new Leo and Kelly pics coming from the mag :thumbsup: 

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Larger quality of the cover! As we can see the story/photos are from the same day as Global Citizen festival. Can see hes wearing his tux and the same thing she wore. I hope there is more than just the one pic on the cover, because thats a cute pic :heart:


OK4215_cover_ns1.jpg image.jpg

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