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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)

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georgia ‏@georgsinclair · 3m

The fact that Leonardo DiCaprio was the only nominee standing for chiwetel winning best actor proves how amazing he is

Another tweet so must be the case

MUNNA ‏@munn_a · 2m

Respect for Leonardo dicaprio for standing up, #BAFTAs


I have to say that I`m so proud of that amazing classy gentleman & I`m so proud of being a long time huge fan of him  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:  :heart: 



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Leo is such a class act.love him so much.


I'm kinda upset that Leo lost it YET again at BAFTAs but the guy from 12 Years a Slave also gave an amazing performance.I just wish he would finally win that  Oscar mostly because of the stupid JOKES.they're not funny anymore.

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From EW an article all about the making of WEGG ; great read (Y)

'Gilbert Grape' at 20: When Johnny met Leo...


DiCaprio was, in every way except talent, just a kid — a fun, enthusiastic teen with no filter who loved Howard Stern and playing video games. When he turned 18, legally becoming an adult, he asserted his independence and sent his mother home, but that didn’t change much. “He clearly loved his mother so if he had any kind of rebellion, it wasn’t dark,” says Harrington. “He wanted her to leave just because he wanted the experience I think of being 18. But since I was playing his older sister, I started getting calls like, ‘Hey, come watch me play a video game.’ ‘Want to watch a movie?’ I just immediately took over that part.”

No one needed to hold his hand, though. “You could tell that this guy had a future,” says Hallström. “In anything he undertook, he was good at. He was better than me at billiards. He was better than me at finding his way back when we got lost in cars. He had this instinct for finding the right way back home. He was just smart. Already as a 17-year-old, he was smarter than most of us.”

One time I went to his trailer and we were playing video games, and they came to get him for a scene, and I didn’t look at him but I felt him change,” says Schellhardt. “So he kind of walked out of the trailer as his character. It was so amazing to me. I felt in awe of that, of watching that, because I’d never seen anyone do that. Then I realized, looking around on set, that everyone was sort of in that same place of wonder at his ability.”

The scene that everyone remembers is when Arnie discovers his mother’s dead body, as the mentally-challenged boy goes through a complicated cycle of emotions, from amusement to anger to fear. He did it three times, and each time, he mesmerized the crew. “I remember watching the dailies on that and it was a three- or four-minute take,” says Hedges. “It was a pity we couldn’t just use the whole take, just let it run, because it was perfect.”


Tks for video of Leo presenting at BAFTAS :)


Tks for another BAFTA interview :)

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Some BAFTA/Leo information follow up from a fellow Leo fan

If you recall yesterday some tweeters mentioned their respect /admiration of Leo standing when Chiwetel won for BA at Baftas , however, a follow up tweet I found stated that he was given a standing ovation by all

Well, I don't get BBC channel , but a fellow fan I converse with does, and I had emailed and asked her once she watched the show last night were there any Leo moments we might have missed , about the BA moment, and could she let me know , so I could share it with all of you.

And she emailed me this morning

When Chiwetel's name was announced by Uma , as to be expected all of his castmates,etc did immediately stand and congratulate him , but beyond that the only BA contender ( or person ) who immediately stood and gave him a standing ovation was Leo

She told me that the camera panned the room with a wide shot and to the left of your screen you saw Leo standing and only the 12YAS crew to the right of the room , and then the next camera shot was of Chiwetel on stage.

She said if there was more footage of the moment, that is all that one saw on the BBC America broadcast of the event.

So I wanted to share the information with all of you since we were discussing the tweets yesterday :)


Tks for Michael B Jordan's comments about Leo ; I love it "Leo is the man " (Y)


Tks for Leo /Sunday morning vid :)


Tks for Oscar article :)

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Some short excerpts from EW article about BAFTAS and a Leo party mention

Chants of “Leo! Leo! Leo!” loudly spelled out the crowd’s most coveted sighting

Ejiofor, who brought DiCaprio to his feet and the opera house down with his grateful eloquence

But it was the Weinstein Company bash at the Rosewood Hotel which attracted the starriest quotient, including the Hustle gang (Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Russell, et al), DiCaprio, half of Downton Abbey’s cast, and Oprah, who boogied alongside Naomi Campbell on the dance floor


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On ET tonight they were talking to Amy Adams at the BAFTAS and she said something like "This is great here. There are people screaming 'LEO MARRY ME' over there, its just great" :D


And on Inside Edition an editor from The Gold Derby was on and picked Leo to win! Yes, the hosts were very shocked lol :rofl:


Thanks all! :flower: 

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Love , love this post Fangirl Quest blogger who was at BAFTAS last night

It reminded me of when the London female interviewer told Leo " They love you " :heart:


BAFTA AWARDS 2014: One of our favourite moments last night was definitely the arrival of Leonardo DiCaprio. We’d seen a dozen Hollywood stars walk the carpet and sign autographs before him, each of them getting massive, attention seeking screams from the crowd, but when Leonardo entered the area, the crowd went wild. Someone in the audience started to chant “LEO! LEO! LEO!” out loud and in mere seconds everyone joined in creating a thunder of noise.

Even his fellow stars seemed stunned, stopping in their tracks, some of them taking video clips of the fans.

Leonardo finished his chat with the journalists and fellow actors, walked calmly to the barriers, gave a few autographs with a polite smile and continued his humble walk along the red carpet.

Who needs an Oscar when you have something like this, right?


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Possible Leo sighting at skiing lodge in France ; the tweeter is at the mentioned locale ; we'll have to see if anymore sightings appear

heidi dippolito ‏@heididippolito1 · 2h

Leonardo dicaprio is in Courchevel 1850 omggg !!!!! #skiing#france

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