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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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Thanks all for the updates!!




The screenwriter who saw the film recently had praise for Leo and Jonah in particular:


Too early to judge how things will go and of course this is coming from the screenwriter, but it's a good start. :p


Indeed :D :thumbsup:

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New York sighting tweet

Maya M. ‏@mayaa_xo 3m

Eating lunch in Manhattan and Leonardo dicaprio walks into the same restaurant and sits 3 tables away


Tks for article that backs up tweet that stated there was Wolf screening on Monday; hope we hear more feedback :)


Tks for wedding vid :)


Yes, looking at link that Sadako posted it seems to be same restaurant ; glad we got a pix of the duo there :)

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Thanks for wedding video, I found it interesting but felt sorta stalkerish :gocho:


What was going on with toast thing?  they just didn't have drink for him?  I couldn't hear it very well..



I think he said something like he said he'll get his drink later, but asked him to clink for good luck anyway :)

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Hello Girls,


Thank you so much for all new pics of Leo. His hair are very long now. I don't know why he doesn't cut it. Maybe for a new character.

Oh my god, he's so cute in the tag heurt's shoot :woot: and his smille!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :woohoo:  I'm crazy about this man.

one scan about Wolf of wall street. I love this pic!


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Wow what a great find ; I never seen those pix before ever , like you said, must be from some overseas commercial we've never

seen , tks :)

Also I love both Tag Heur pix you posted, but the one below is so Leo, in between takes, checking his texts with his e ciggi in hand :p



Agree, love is smile in this pix; can see he didn't let the ever present paps keep him from having fun with his buddies :}


Tks for Wolf pix :)

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