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Carleto and Zigic have been doing pretty alright in preseason from the highlights I've seen. Moya, Bruno and Mathieu have as well but no surprise there. I've been trying to keep up with all the new players but its impossible :chicken: Just watching on youtube so I can't really tell who is who, but would love to see more of Banega.

We're playing Manyoo and Arsenal in preseason soon, with Villa, Silva and Mata set to return! :woot:

Liverpool have been so disappointing in preseason. I think we'll be lucky to hang onto 4th this year <_<

Wilshere is fabulous though :drool:

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Xabi :cry:

Like it or not, spending is a prerequisite for success nowadays :/ Only Barca and Arsenal have academies capable of producing teams of top youngsters, but even they must spend on most of their youngsters and then supplement the team with other top talents.

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About Aquilani:

You'd like to think that with the staggering sums of money being chucked around for transfers these days, managers would do their research thoroughly.

And it certainly looked that way yesterday, when Rafa Benitez was discussing potential Liverpool new boy Alberto Aquilani.

"I always remember one game - England versus Italy U21s at Wembley, and he was man of the match in a 3-0 win," said Rafa.

Sounds convincing. The only problem with that is England and Italy's Under-21s have played each other once at Wembley. That was the first game at the new stadium - a game that finished 3-3.

We suspect Giampolo Pazzini would be pretty peeved if he didn't get the man of the match award in that one, given that he scored a hat-trick.

And he'd be even more peeved to miss out to Aquilani, given that he didn't play that day.

Good to see Rafa has his thumb on the pulse. Good job he hasn't been given sole charge of Liverpool's transfer policy, eh?


Il Duce

Should Aquilani pass his medical (not a given, when you consider his injury record), he brings firstly a rather alluring ladyfriend to Merseyside, but some rather interesting political views too.

He said in La Gazetta dello Sport in March last year:

"There are too many foreigners in the country and most of the violence and trouble you see is caused by them.

"I have a few photographs and portraits of Mussolini at home. My uncle gave them to me as a present."

Someone will have to warn him to keep those photos under lock and key if he wants to keep them.

:blink: :blink: :blink:

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Milan got Huntelaar relatively cheap, how do you guys rate him?

I think it's a fantastic deal for Milan. What Huntelaar lacks in all-round play, he more than makes up for with goalscoring instincts. From what I've seen, his main strength is that he strikes the ball with power but cleanly and without sacrificing accuracy, so when chances come his way he usually makes the most of them. I'm surprised that none of the English top 4 tried for him, in fact <_<

On a side note - I'd like to have seen Harry Redknapp's wife put that header away against Bolton, although I'm sure she could have scored some of the chances Robbie Keane missed today ;)

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