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i will translate, with my broken english (as adriana's spanish) :D

interviewer: you've said that having you daughter has changed your life

and i want to know what have you done to not change your body.

adriana: when i was pregnant i looked like a ball, i weighed 27 kilos more,

to loss weight I have done many excercises.

interviewer: you have been here,in Spain, for a long time now, I wonder if you already know the people from here,

do you know who is Esperanza Aguirre?

adriana: no, i don't know her, do you know her personally?

interviewer: yes

adriana: maybe you can introduce me her

interviewer: I'll introduce

adriana: yes, please

interviewer: do you know who is Belen Esteban?

adriana: how do you meet people here?! i have to go out with you, so you can introduce me people...

there's no time i'm at home with my daughter, do you have children?

interviewer: no!

adriana: ahh, that's why

interviewer: one day we can go out together, we go to party and i'll introduce you everybody, done, eh?

its funny how she says VOS instead of TÚ , vos is said in Argentina:)

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haha.Very cool! Everyone in their mom is gonna ask for all those clips & photos in the background! Now we wait for someone to translate ! ;)

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