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Gustav Schäfer


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Name: Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schäfer

Birth Date: 8th September 1988

Height: 1.68cm

Weight: 68 kg

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Blonde

Siblings: 1 older sister

Favourite Subject at school: Sports and Science

Worst subjects at school: Maths and Physics

Piercings or Tattoos: None

Favourite Bands: Metallica and Slipknot

Favourite Song: Sword of Glory of Motörhead

Idol: Lars Ulrich from Metallica

I wish for: Food for all!

First Bought CD: Metallica

First Concert Visit: Joe Cocker

Favorite Food: His home-made lasagna.

Favorite Drink: Red Bull and Chocolate Milk

Favorite Movie: Action Movies, like Armagedon and Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Pets: Dog, Cat

Cellphone: Siemens M55

Allergic To: Strawberries, Fish, Dust, Hay and Pork

Motto: Everything essential goes wrong

Gustav Schäfer is the drummer in the German band Tokio Hotel. Born in Magdeburg, Germany, on the 9th of September 1988. Formerly went to the University of applied sciences (Fachhochschule), but dropped out to home school to focus more time on his band.

Gustav is a downright fellow, very mellow and calm. Known as the “clown” in the band, he is actually very profound. The fans have named him as the “Teddy-bear”, seeing as he is the calmest and cuddliest member of the band.

Info from:http://tokiofans.com/index/?page_id=36

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