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Bitten Knudsen

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She was about 50, she had an alcohol problem. That's all I know.

Has anyone else heard more about her death, like what caused it?

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Its Eva here. Would anyone happen to know when Bitten passed? I'm working on the bios now for my supermodels site, and could really use info on the girls.

I see most of the photos in her album were yours! I really appreciate all your contributions! I have 77 albums now, and a new web designer who is working hard to get everything posted!

Now I need to add bios, websites, you tubes and everything else I can get my hands on!

Thank you,


John, You're a wonder. Truly, a bona fide wonder. :thumbsup:

I, too, am a dedicated '70's-'80's Supermodel fan, but I'm a slacker and a piker compared to you! For what it's worth, you have my highest admiration, and respects, sir.

I've only been a member for a day, but have found your posts & pictures absolutely phenomenal! Kudos for your efforts! :clap:

As to Bitten Knudsen, here are a couple of humble additions to yours.


Thanks, I appreciate that very much. :thumbsup:

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