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Models you would like to see debut at VSFS this year.


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I guess you were told wrong..

Josie's been in a number of runways, actually I was just looking at her some her stuff today. Hmm looks like a runway to me. gogo :kiss:




And I didn't say get rid of Marisa because she has a horrible walk, I was just saying she can't walk to save her life.. however that's not the reason I'd get rid of her.

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Well I'm assuming numerous people out there upon seeing this post are going to point out that I generally seem to follow around in Prettyphile's shadow. That I never comment without her saying something first and you know I will admit that that just might be true. I rarely come into subsections of the forums as I have no real reason to, nor do I particularily feel like forumulating an opinion and sharing it with you all. However I am willing to back an opinion if I happen to agree with it.

Now I realize this may be a startling revelation to a large number of you but generally when you're friends with someone you have similiar opinions. Now obviously this isn't always true but in the case of Pretty and me we do share similiar tastes. She generally is the one that surfs the different sections of these forums and reads things to me over the phone or points things out when I visit her. So as she brought this forum to my attention I am trying to share my thoughts and feelings with you all, regardless if you're inclined to agree or not.

Now, moving on to my thoughts on some of these models. Again you don't need to agree, and if you'd rather not see what I have to say feel free to skip over my post.

These are the girls I would remove permanently from the VS Fashion show.

Karolina Kurkova - horse faced, leggy blonde. Did I mention horse faced?

Selita Ebanks - While she may appeal to the transvesite demigraphic she's in no way shape or form attractive in my eyes. She looks like a tree that sprouted legs and feet and started walking. Over all stumpy and rather thick.

Adriana Lima - She used to have something. She used to have a beautiful voice, now her accent is so thick and heavy she comes off as an idiot. Why play stupid. Theatrics are for the stage not the catwalk. That and she's rather chunky to be a model. Seriously she's not a squirrel why is she storing away things in her cheeks. You want to know about what I mean when I mention her accent. Go watch the earlier VS fashion shows, she sounded genuinely sweet and beautiful.

Miranda Kerr - She's adorable, love her. However I don't particularily want to see adorable in a thong and bra. Sorry not my cup of tea.

Jessica Stam - Stammikins. Adore her to death and her inability to walk without some how falling and grabbing her hair is kinda cute. Did I mention cute cause cute doesn't work for me when it comes to sexy. Again Do I want to see her in a bra and thong? No.

Hana Soukupova - She's pretty, high fashion works for her. She should probably go back to high fashion runways. She sells clothing not lingerie. When she walks it doesn't inspire me to dash out to buy that bra. It inspires me to want to diet so I can be uber thin... omg... thin craze.

Marisa Miller - Well I will admit she has a decent body until you look at her back. Dimples and wrinkles abound oh my. She can't walk, she looks similiar to a stroke victim as it almost looks like she has a dead leg dragging behind her. Oh and then you look at her face. Leather face, sun damage.. loves to surf, loves the sun and so do I. And I probably surf more then her on a regular basis -- it's called sunscreen.

Erin Wasson - Walking skeletal rack. Beautiful face-- I'll buy her makeup but that's about it. Where did the muscle definition in her thighs go cause it looks like something's missing.

Julie Stegner - It looks like someone tacked portions of her facial skin back and stretched it super tight. And last years show, (2007) those wings she wore looked so heavy her little structure looked like it was caving in on itself.

Angela Lindvall - DEAD FISH HANDS. They flop all over the place, enough said.

Doutzen Kroes - Looks like the girl next door. Nothing special, nothing horrible but nothing eye catching. Her lips look like a swollen anus sorry people personal opinion after all. Plus her body always looks rather untoned, almost flabby remind you of anyone else. Stop storing food for the winter people it's not healthy we're not bears or squirrels.

Heidi Klum - She just needs to go home and be a mom. She doesn't look toned anymore. She had her heyday it's over.

Natasha Poly - She's just to thin, her face looks sucked in what's that say about her body?

Inguna Butane - Beautiful girl, looks way to innocent. I feel dirty thinking about lingerie... and her in the same thought hmm. I'd buy a gown she wore, maybe some shoes, even some makeup... But not bra and panties.

Now I'm sure many of these opinions will annoy a large number of you to no end. Please refrain from commenting on them as hell it's only my opinion. You can give me as many rebuttals as you want, it's not going to change my opinion and chances are I'm going to ignore your post unless it's well written. "Cause people who spel leik this make me sad" as does "omg hehehehehehehe shes soooooooooooooo pretty". So with that in mind hope you all enjoy my opinion. Most likely not but hey it's mine to share. I'll get on the list of who I think should be in the show a bit later.

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YAY for Emanuela De Paula!! She´s gorgeous :heart:


Noemie Lenoir, Jessica White, Oluchi, Selita - they should all stay. I love their diversity, and their all real women.

Bring back GISELE :cry: then Daniela Pestova, Veronika Varekova, bring in Adriana Sklenarikova, Petra Nemcova

Jarah Mariano, agree - she´s amazing + more asians and indian women will be amazing

don´t fire Marisa - she´s amazingly womanly, and she will learn to walk, I´m sure.

Omahyra Motta - she´s like a KICK into your eyes...catchy and sexy!!!! agree absolutely with PrettyPhill!!!

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Well I'm assuming numerous people out there upon seeing this post are going to point out that I generally seem to follow around in Prettyphile's shadow..................Huge Post..................... So with that in mind hope you all enjoy my opinion. Most likely not but hey it's mine to share. I'll get on the list of who I think should be in the show a bit later.
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i just thought of another one

hilary rhoda

i know on her thread everyones been talking about her weight

but i saw some runway pics from the last few weeks

and she looked in fighting shape to me

she is high fashion, but isnt too skinny

and she has an amazing personality on the runway

and another beauty

gaye mcdonald

shes done alot of runway this season

and is breathtaking

20uew5j.jpg 33zd449.jpg 104jnt3.jpg
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I always thought Tori praver and Bar Refaeli would be perfect for the vsfs! they would be nice new additions

and permanantly keep out the High Fashion models! (well most of them) I'm sorry but the general public watches including lots of men and when a man has to say "omg, turn this these women look disgusting", then you know Victoria's Secret is doiing something wrong. No one wants to see that. sure they look great in clothing but lingerie....:ninja:

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Omahyra....... oh god.. id die from orgasmic happiness... could u imagine her

walking down the runway with that sexy androgynous vibe???

with her perfect breasts all a-bouncing ~faints~

She did do VSFS!, I'll go ahead and make you a few avatars and put them up here.

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