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2.4 Will Kill WoW


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In case you haven’t heard, the next incremental patch will destroy the entire game.

Just like every other one before it.

In addition:

5000g is too much for a flying mount

Blizzard never listens to players

WoW is the new Star Wars: Galaxies

Horde paladins ruined the game

Deathknights will ruin the game

Every patch has ruined the game

TBC ruined the game

WotLK will ruin the game

Actually, you might be able to convince me that Rhonin will ruin the game

The entire game is one stupid eternal grind, get out now

PvP scrubs are getting T6 epics from dancing in arenas

PvE scrubs are going to get S3 epics by getting carried through raids

I am so glad this writers’ strike is over so we can get the rest of Scrubs’ last season

PvE is pants-on-head easy

PvP means Player versus Pillar

There’s no more lore, Illidan is dead

Vashj is dead

Kael is dead

Kalecgos is dead

Voldemort is dead

The Cloverfield monster is still alive

Crafted BoP epics are too powerful

Professions have no good recipes

Heroics are too hard and need to be toned down

Karazhan needs to reset every six hours

Badge loot is way too overpowered

Badge loot isn’t worth the time it takes to get 150 Badges

Why hasn’t anyone shortened ‘Badge of Justice’ to the acronym BJ? It just seems like an obvious step, to me

Attunements are a waste of time, take them out

You did what? ZOMG put attunements back in

That huntress was a Guy In Real Life

Blizzard favours the Horde

Blizzard favours the Alliance

Canada favours the letters U and EH

Everyone asks me to heal

No one wants me to heal

I can't dispel Mortal Strike

I can't bubble out of Cyclone

Fear is broken and useless

Fear should break on [sPACEBAR]

Rogues are worthless in arenas

AR/Prep is an IWIN button

Bring back the Swirlyball or I'm cancelling

Travel Form and arena drinking are overpowered

Why the hell are you nerfing arena drinking

Ghost Wolf should be instant cast

Why are you cutting GW time; fix shimmies

Hunters deserve a legendary weapon

You call that a legendary? THIS is a legendary

PoM-Pyro takes skill

Flamestrike sucks

Discipline is the worst tree in the game

Discipline is invincibility

Rep grinds are too easy

Rep grinds are too boring

Bring back old-world content

Give us new endgame content

Bring back 40-man raids

Stop making everyone raid

World PvP is useless sandlol

Bring back World PvP

The servers are always down; I can never play

WoW killed my social life, why didn’t you stop me?

I hate Armory, make it voluntary

Why isn’t the Armory ever up?

Only warriors deserve to tank

Only warriors are able to tank

Why can’t I ever find a tank?

Timbal rides a bear that rides another bear that rides a devilsaur that drives a tank

Give everyone green fire

WoW is bigger than Switzerland

Next stop: Poland

We need more titles in this game

What kind of stupid title is that?

Seriously, I could think up way better titles

Like a million of them without even trying

But I’m busy right now

I've canceled my account!

No, you can't have my stuff.

WoW = Waiting on that other game that starts with W

Nerf everything

Buff everything else

Blizzard nerfs fun


Turn your troll sensors to maximum before responding.

This thread is made of WIN

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