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Your most prized possession...


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my puppies. I say that because I don't consider family or friends as possessions. Maybe my dogs aren't either because they are family, too. :wub:

So, the thing I couldn't do without is my iPod. I'd be lost without music. :blush: Oh, and I totally forgot my photo albums....so maybe they are the most prized. Yep! I guess they are.

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It's hard to really say because I can really do without music or tv or videogames if I have to. I have collections of baseball cards and autographs but I can live without those too. I guess my computer is number one. No computer, no Bellazon for me.

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My laptop Dell Inspiron E1505. Best-selling . I love it so much. :clap: And nope, you cant buy it anymore, no longer available. They made new model and the newbie looks totally f*cked up :p I have to work beg my ass off for this baby. :heart: I have it for almost a year and now its all scratched out...... Meeeh !!!!


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