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Omg persuazn Can I pleaase use this as avi http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/1910/polyxw5.gif i love it soo much and nobody has used similar one yet :p

If yes you don't have to put my name on it , you can just leave it plain :)

Omg and i loved her at the scottish segment too she was sooo fierced too bad the ooutfits were horrible , but she still rocked it !!!

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justin t. was really checking out ale's booty at the show. i dont know if it was just to show off or to make it look fabulous, but either way, he didnt look like he mind to be behind her.

i saw a lot of "rearview looks" from Justin. I mean, what guy wouldnt take advantage of the situation :p Even if he was told to do so, I bet he would of done it anyway.

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things I didn't like:

Carolina Trentini looking a bit too old/too much make up, great walk though, amazing body

Manface Gisele looking like a moody manface

Izabel Goularts terrible first posing

Nathashy Poly's "don't even go there" head movement in the first segment

I thought Oluchi's face was cute, but she has NO hips..just look at the first segment.

I thought Stam looked great in the pics, but she has a childrens body and the cheerleading party was just sad.

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Here's a video composite of VictoriasSecret2006 video at my

"Fashion Runway Video" web-site.

Victorias Secret

I've over 300 hi-Q 704 x 528 designer runway show videos

free for the taking.


~ ~ ~

And dream...dream...you have to dream, and if you do, you

do not get older. -Emanuel Ungaro

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