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Bella: I know what you are.


Bella: Vampire.

Edward: Are you afraid ?!

Bella: No. The only thing i'm afraid of is loosing you...And... The Joker laughing her ass off at this line.

oh yeah... i'm gonna into a Forrest and hopefully not get raped by the wrong person!

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It wasn't that bad as I thought...just watched it! I was suprised about the acting I liked it a lot....though they couldn't get any wrong persons to fit in Rosalies and Jacobs part....and edward wasn't that bad as I thought he would be-but I don't know it was such a cold movie with no feelings at all-you couldn't see the love between Bella and Edward like you felt it i the book and to be honest it was pretty boring...just except for the...what?15 last minutes? :no:

and my friends didn't get it at all....I was the only one who read the book and I had to explain them everything

and where are all the jokes from the book? I remember while reading it I had a lot time of hard laughing and in the end I was like going to cry(in the hospital part)

the movie was just watching another documentar about creatures in the see or something like that :pinch:

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