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Post sets that you don't use any more


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When you change your set (avatar or signature) post it here....just to have it here.....or if u don't want to use them any more but u want others to see it......and others can comment posted avatars or signatures........

When you post the sets give the credits.....

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

My first set ever.....made by SuperModel Diva......

post-17405-0-1446061671-60062_thumb.jpg post-17405-0-1446061672-06261_thumb.jpg

My 2nd set by Julia....

post-17405-0-1446061672-29159_thumb.jpg post-17405-0-1446061673-46025_thumb.jpg

3rd set....by SuperModel Diva....

post-17405-0-1446061673-78475_thumb.jpg post-17405-0-1446061673-82925_thumb.jpg

*While i was using this siggy text in it was 'cold as fire hot as ice' but i lost the version i used an d now i got only this...

4th set....by me.....

post-17405-0-1446061673-87129_thumb.jpg post-17405-0-1446061673-90958_thumb.jpg

5th set....by Dajana

post-17405-0-1446061673-93928_thumb.gif post-17405-0-1446061673-99203_thumb.gif

6th...by me.....it's my currently set but i'm planing to change it today or tomorrow......

post-17405-0-1446061674-03973_thumb.gif post-17405-0-1446061674-09384_thumb.gif
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I have a too many :ninja: gonna post them later :shifty: next friday when my mother releases the internet <_<

I understand u completely when mum or dad are using internet.....i'm dead they using it for few days....of course i need to drink some pills to calm down..... hehehe

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