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I was wondering...


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can you please take a screen shot (Print Screen on your keyboard and paste it in Paint). Google/Adbrite does not allow porn to be advertised so I don't know why you would see something like that since we use google adsense and adbrite. A possibility is you have spyware/adware on your system which are known to replace ads with other ads so they can make money. Perhaps you wish to try adaware to search for spyware on your system.


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Nope, I think she's referring to the banner where it says "pron is lame" or something. It has suggestive pictures of ladies in bikinis and bras but nothing you don't see in a model's forum.

not porn for you :blink:

the member of this forum are not very old, and i think it's not a good exemple for them <_<

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Could someone screen cap it and post it the next time it happens to them? I have no idea what anyone is talking about :unsure:


I guess this is not the one people were talking about, but this one appears to me! :yuckky:

Any info about how to delete this (the virus/spy or whatever it is)? :idk:

Thanks from now! :)

Edit: Click on the image, it's a thumbnail, so it appears!

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Did you click the link are you sure its not just a fitness community for gays like the link says :idk:

No, I didn't! And I won't!

But if it's not a spy, but some google ad, then it should appear on the other computers also. :/

Did it ever appear on your computer? :unsure:

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