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the one on the right is colin farrell, right?

is that LL Cool J?

You are on the right track BabyQ. That is indeed Colin Farrell.

Our mystery man however is not LL Cool J.

I must revert back to my hint. Cuz it's the only one that I can think of that won't give it completely away. -lmfao-

Take another.....Gamble, BabyQ.


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:o who are thou that Qallest me babyQ!? :o if you've changed your name, own up! :bounce: :p

is it... edward norton? or jon voight? :shifty:

LOL Nope no name change darlin'. Still just me...Rockstar aka Rachel. Browsing through various threads, I have seen others refer to you as such... :p and...nope neither of those. hehe.

OH yes, with the help of wiki, is it jeremy renner? :p okay, if i'm correct, you post the next one. :hehe:

:clap: YESH!!! Tis mah Jeremy!!!

MmmMm Jeremy :sex:

And ya want me to post another....-ponders- Hmmm Ok....gotta come up with somethin'....be back shortly with somethin'.

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