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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


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As I've said a few times Rosie does not have Twitter. I have asked her myself and sent her the link to that one and she confirmed it wasn't hers....she doesn't ever plan on getting Twitter either! Even Victoria's Secret had it linked from their Facebook page but she wasn't aware of this and has since told them I think. And no, she isn't actually an angel....yet!

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Rosie Huntington sfilerà davanti a tutti al prossimo Superbowl. La ragazza inglese, ha sostituito Adriana Lima come ragazza immagine per la linea di lingérie Victoria's Secret e sfilerà durante la gran finale del football americano che si giocherà a gennaio e sarà seguita da decine di milioni di spettatori. La modella inglese è diventata famosa perchè presterà il suo volto al calendario Pirelli 2010.


Translation by me:

Rosie Huntington will walk before everybody at the next Superbowl. The English girl has replaced Adriana Lima as a model for the lingerie line Victoria's Secret and will walk during the big final of the American football which will take place in January and will be followed by thousands of spectators. The English model became famous thanks to her appearance in the 2010 Pirelli calendar.

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does this mean that adri is not an angel no more, and rosie is. is rosie going to replace adri? i hope it is true, i really want her to be an angel, and i really want adri to retire.

No, I highly doubt it. It'll just be because Adriana is off looking after her baby so they've used Rosie as a replacement.

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