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Kim Smith

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How come she seems to have completely of the radar in the past 2-3 years?

Not sure why. I wished we'd get to see more of her.

However, there is some good news for us fans.

She's appreared in the November 2006 issue of YRB Magazine.

Was able to find a small picture of her from their official web site.


Sorry about the size. You know how it is. They want you to buy the magazine :laugh:

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There is a really good interview in the magazine with some big news. She will probably be in a documentary series that will show the working part of a model's life! She said that it was really close-up and personal. The show covers evrything she does from model shoots to movie auditions. An undisclosed major network already shown interest in picking up the series for a full-season that world air in early 2007.

She also said that she's being seriously considered for a major Dior campaign.

There is good pics of her in the mag but I'm not really good with the scanner so....

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Hi skateuse03, thank you for the news, is really good to know what's goin' on with Kim.. do you have the magazine? could you scan the pics for us? you said you aren't good with the scan, but..can you try?so we can watch the good pictures you wrote about, I hope u can do somethin about it, thanks again! have a nice day! :wave:

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