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omg....flawless.. the woman doesn't age!

Well, she's only in her early 30s so...

Plus $$$




No its called being a woman of color lol, part black. Her genetics def blessed her, esp considering her past lifestyle with smoking that is a guarantee for aging quickly. and has aged alot of angels/models


Look at her and look at all the other models her age/around her age. They aren't aging as well as she is. Not even the younger models are.


I know her only being 33 is something but then again you have to consider she is also a mother of two, being a mom will alter your looks. Like you can still look pretty but people can still tell you are somebody's momma. Like I love beyonce, she's still gorg, but you can tell she is a mother now.You can see the more matureness in her face. This happens alot


I think that is why people are so shocked because face wise its not evident with Adriana(and to those who hasn't see her pre baby body, body wise also) and also considering how other models around her age don't look as fresh as she does

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