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In last weeks People magazine there is an article about Mario Lopez, I didnt know who he was (apparently hes on "Dancing With The Stars") and I was just flipping through the magazine to get to the fashion section and then I saw a teeny tiny pic of Adriana. I was like "Whoa?!" :blink: Anyway it turns out that this Mario guy thinks that she is one of the most beautiful women on earth. He listed twelve saying "In no particular order" but Adriana got 9th billing (probably because not so many people know who she is) Mario said, "she looks like a Bond girl." But there wasnt anything else written in the article. But anyway as soon as I saw the picture of her I got all happy like I do when I see a new pic or a new commercial or hear anyone mention her on TV ( sign that she hasnt disappeared off of the face of the earth) Does that happen to you guys too? I guess it might be exciting because she hasnt done a lot of new work lately (not in the new VS makeup ads cuz of maybellineor anything) and it seems like Alessandra is taking over the VS cataloges (hardly any pics of Adriana) and she hasnt been signed with a clothing label for a while now. Maybe I'm just afraid shes nearing retirement. That would suck :cry:

PS: I stashed away the magazine and I might try and scan it if I'm home alone (because my sister will make fun of me and call me a dyke no doubt :whistle: ) Its not on stands anymore so I dont see how you guys could find a copy...

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i didnt hear about the whole SI thing. is that true? those are VS pics i thought. i dont think she's going to do SI considering she's already signed up with one of the most billion money making companies in the world. VS makes way more money than SI i think.

Well on Superficial.com they said so on the forums but those pictures were attatched and those are VS pics so I don't know. Hopefully they will though, there's been a lot of ugly in SI lately.

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