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Victoria's Secret Lingerie/Underwear


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I know why hey have the pink models, to target thier consumers im talking about using those young model, i think god it was last x-mas, chantal thomass, these friggin 14 y/o pastey ass skin red hair, in black garter belts, and shit ITS disgusting!!!! GIRLS THAT LOOK LIKE THAT SHOULDNT BE WEARING IT! especially in a catalougue, its grosee, and I personally think they dont use enough lima, they use too much of karloina kurkova which i dont know how she ever became a model shes disgusting too, And odf course guys arent gonna look at limas face, lol im sorry if your gonna be a mmodel you should be PERFECT FLAWLESS, adrianna is the only one whose like that next to alessandra and ana b and petra nemcova, all the others should be fired


It's not really ''perfect flawless'' the agencies are going for when they hire models. And all of the models have a good ''look'', but I do agree that I prefer the sexy, marketable look. However, this is not to say that anyone but adriana, ale, ana (ugh), and petra, isnt sexy.

none of the women's faces are disgusting. the redhead looks too young and that other one looks too skinny (a model that looks too skinny? thats saying something.). But, I see that they all are at least pretty striking women and the clothes drape well.

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considering that isnt my scan....it just comes down to editing it....and the only way you will get better is if you try editing, you should have seen my first edit....it was horrible....i went back and scanned that picture again and kept working on it until i finally got it to look good. even now there are scans i make and edit that arent liked it does bother me a little bit but you know, its all made to your preference...so if your happy with it then that is all that matters :)

i just hope guccigirl likes it :blush:

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