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Victoria's Secret Swimwear

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Someone over at superiorpics had the first posted as Adriana so yeah ;)

Thank you so much Thiago..they're absolutely gorgeous.

Though that first one's likely to spark up the implant rumors again :/

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If im not wrong,this was the first picture i saw of Adriana Lima..I suddenly fell in love.Actually my sisster showd it to me,because she thought i looked like her :) From that day i knew i had 2 find more pictures of her,but i didnt know her name ore anything.Until one day she and Lenny Krawitz where in a norwegian tabloid magazine,and there her name was writen :wub: i was so happy....But before the tabloid magazine i saw her Armani ads,but still no name?i Thought DAMN this Lady is BEAUTIFUL!And now im a Bellazon member and damn proud of it! :fun:

Please do not hotlink images - edited by persuazn

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