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Toni Garrn


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instagram / alastairmckimmstylist


I'm ambivalent about it now, just not sure. It looks kind of awkward in the second one, neither one thing or the other. Similar to the awkward phase when a girl gets her hair really short (i.e. Miley Cyrus) and then decides to grow it back out.



Secret for only a few days? Not like the work has just come out.

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This new cut is going to take some getting used to...

Indeed! I was shocked yesterday when I saw it, but now I'm getting used to the idea. I liked but I already prefer with long hair... I need just more time...

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Oh noo! I don't like short hair ugh.. But she has a beautiful face so I'm sure she'll rock that cut!

Agree with the second sentence!! :hehe:

Maybe she cutted her hair because she inspired by her good friend Karlie Kloss-Whose also cutted her hair months ago... :hehe: 

Anyway she is gorgeous-Toni has GREAT FACIAL FEATURES!!!! :woot:

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