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Issue IX

Shortly after graduating high school, Josh Hartnett was accepted into the State University of New York’s prestigious acting conservatory. He was kicked out six months later.

Frustrated with what he perceived to be unrealistic expectations, he wrote to the dean of the program telling him that constant evaluations were strangling the students’ creativity. The dean, he says, responded by asking him to leave.

Years later, Harnett is reclining on a leather couch in a non-descript photo studio in West Hollywood, talking about stepping-stones. There’s this idea that every experience, whether positive or negative, propels you closer to your goal, he explains. Still, “you want the stepping stones to also be worth being part of.”

It’s late in the afternoon and Hartnett is restless. He’s been filming the colonial drama, Singularity, in Australia, but is in town for a few weeks “takings meetings.” Hartnett hasn’t lived in L.A. for a few years now (he splits his time between an apartment in New York and his hometown of Saint Paul, Minnesota) so he’s spent the past few weeks living out of a room at the Chateau Marmont.

“You wanna do this at the Chateau?” he asks, though it’s not clear if he’s asking more for him or for us. We decide to stay in the quieter and paparazzi-free confines of the studio that we have rented for the day’s shoot.

Hartnett is 32 and handsome; no longer the boyish heartthrob with moppish hair that graced teen magazine covers and posters at the on-set of his career, but not exactly grizzled and graying at the sides Brad Pitt-style either. On this day, he’s arrived in a loose-fitting Henley top, dark jeans and black boots, with a pair of gold-rimmed Ray-Bans dangling from his collar. He’s also wearing a knit “beanie,” which has become an unintended signature of sorts for him over the years. You get the impression the hat is more to help him keep a low profile than to make any kind of fashion statement.

“I’ve taken a couple years off from acting in film,” Hartnett says, as if to confirm the sentiment. “For a while now, I’ve been kind of uninspired to act.”

(Tim Chan)

- To read the rest of this story, pick up Issue 9 of Corduroy…


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Issue IX

Josh Hartnett takes the cover of Corduroy’s latest issue.

Here’s what the 33-year-old actor had to share with the mag:

On where he’s been the past few years: “I’ve taken a couple years off from acting in film. For a while now, I’ve been kind of uninspired to act. When you don’t have any control [over your career] it can be really difficult.”

On rebelling against the ‘movie star’ industry: “When you first start really young and you have some success, they want to take away your edges and make you into this proto-typical movie star and everybody I know has pretty much fought against it. People don’t like to be boxed in and actors are no different.”

On his newfound outlook: “I started when I was 17 and when you’re that age, you’re a bag full of nerves. I was a little bit freaked out by the whole industry. But now I’m actively looking for things that scare me; things that push me outside my comfort zone. As an actor, that’s the only way you grow and the only way you create something truly interesting for yourself and the audience as well.”

josh-hartnett-corduroy-01.jpg josh-hartnett-corduroy-02_1.jpg josh-hartnett-corduroy-03.jpg josh-hartnett-corduroy-04.jpg josh-hartnett-corduroy-05.jpg josh-hartnett-corduroy-06.jpg josh-hartnett-corduroy-07.jpg josh-hartnett-corduroy-09.jpg


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thanks Paula :wub: forums.fanhost

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Josh Hartnett Is Going to Be a Dad

July 3, 2015






Josh Hartnett is getting ready for his biggest role yet — dad!


The Black Hawk Down star and his British girlfriend, Tamsin Egerton are having a baby, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.


The actors are said to have met on the set of The Lovers in 2011 and have been together almost four years.

Hartnett’s rep told the New York Post‘s Page Six that the couple is “beyond thrilled.”


Hartnett, 36, currently stars on Showtime’s Penny Dreadful, and Egerton, 26, is filming Sacha Baron Cohen's Grimsby with Rebel Wilson and Isla Fisher.


No word yet on when the baby is due.


Maria Coder



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I'm so happy for him :heart:

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