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Jon Kortajarena


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On models.com (MDC), the Top 50 ranking for the men currently has a total of 59 men. As of last count, there are duplicate entries for numbers 2, 12, 26, 28, 29, 30, 35. 44, and 49. I posted this info yesterday on models.com. I'm positive they will correct this prob immediately. Considering how many careers are involved, this is a rather disturbing error, don't you think? Rather damaging! Surely these all cannot be two-way ties. They need to change the title to the “Top 59″ or “Top 60″ or they need to learn how to number the models correctly in the event of a tie. (Nine two-way ties? Hard to believe) Models.com needs to restore confidence...


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I went to the mall the other day and in the Guess store there was this HUGE picture of him in there and then there was another poster in the food court and he looked smokin' in those pics! :drool: Now he's officially bumped up on my top male models list! :laugh: :heart:

H&M Spring/Summer 2009

post-5926-0-1446120493-11025_thumb.png post-5926-0-1446120493-21753_thumb.png post-5926-0-1446120493-23514_thumb.png post-5926-0-1446120493-39692_thumb.png

post-5926-0-1446120493-42817_thumb.png post-5926-0-1446120493-44711_thumb.png th_94160840509376.gif/monthly_06_2009/post-5926-0-1446120493-49594_thumb.png" data-fileid="4381921" alt="post-5926-0-1446120493-49594_thumb.png" data-ratio="200.53">

post-5926-0-1446120493-52656_thumb.png post-5926-0-1446120493-5497_thumb.png post-5926-0-1446120493-6154_thumb.png post-5926-0-1446120493-64152_thumb.png

post-5926-0-1446120493-767_thumb.png post-5926-0-1446120493-7873_thumb.png post-5926-0-1446120493-80775_thumb.png post-5926-0-1446120493-84136_thumb.png

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