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Isabella Rossellini

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Thank you very much Francesca. They are great pictures. At the first glance Isabella looks a bit cold. But her beauty grows on you. The longer I look at her pictures the more beautiful she looks to me.

Dear Miss, the picture you posted is incredible. Thanks a lot.

Here are some pictures that I came across on the internet.





P.S: What does "Qualcosa di Me" mean? I really wnat to know. Is it a book by Isabella?

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:hug: 'sall good.

i like having some of the 80's girls on the threads so the young'ns can know their history

the only 2 women to have a cosmetics contract for over 10 yrs are isabella and christy turlington.

shes part of a dynasty of beauty.. ingrid bergman, isabella, ellettra rossellini :heart:

beauty, timeless and ageless

but me love u long time :kiss: ... i was a bit moody when i wrote that

me thinks im dropping an egg :rofl:

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it's true,abt the 10yr contraQt bit...

but i'm not happy or excited seein her..but more especially her daughter :( for lancome...

i don't mind the mother,she caters to diff kind of women..

but her daughter...err..gghhh...

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