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Your Favorite Strange/Unique Fashion Pictures

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aleks skin is Def like Whoa

blackest black... complete absence of light

\hershey special dark


sasha def. has what it takes to act

she expresses so much through her face and body

shes like a silent movie actress

now if shed be any good with sound :idk:



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im buying hitman soon

timothy olyphant, the hitman

is a sexy mothafucka

when i see him, porno music starts playing in my head


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:o :rofl: :ninja:


Can't see this one :idk: . But anyway :laugh: , what do you think about Aurelie Claudel :unsure: ? Some women don't liker her because "she doesn't change her facial expressions enough..." :cain: , but what do you think :unsure: ? And does she have any strange pics that you know of? Anyway...


Shakara Ledard Fashion Show

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