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Your Favorite Strange/Unique Fashion Pictures

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excellent call on the serge lutens!!! :wub:

weve rudely ignored him!!! the loook of his shots

are beautiful genius

and want to see something funny??

\you asked about the red hatted girl and i told u it was michele hicks??

well, this is her


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azgirl    0

That happens sweets..

I have some for the night... I will apologize for any reposts.. I am on a photographer theme..

Mark Squires

25_10_2007_0511151001193330933_mark_squires.jpg 25_10_2007_0577441001193330933_mark_squires.jpg 25_10_2007_0587045001193330933_mark_squires.jpg 2007042102.jpg ef50756e8cc1481b9edf71afc6481a54274b430d_m.jpg fd9ab2a90d92529c6273bff4a4187a53a2a28b6f_m.jpg Mark_2BSquires_2B09.jpg mark_squires.jpg mark_squires3.jpg marksquires_02.jpg marksquires_03.jpg marksquires_05.jpg marksquires_06.jpg marksquires_10.jpg marksquires_12.jpg marksquires_13.jpg

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Azgirl, Very nice :yes:

theres some beautiful shots, thanks! :flower:

the teacher writing on the chalkboard, ~has heart attack~

thats so sexay, someday i might have to make a set out of it

call it 'hot for teacher'


thanks for posting and keeping the ball rolling

that goes to everyone weve got a little posting community now,

and that rocks so hard :hug:

and Korravai, i forgot to say how epic the little red riding hood pic was :)

night, everyone :heart:

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Korravai    0

I really love that last one--EY~~beautiful taste!

AZGirl: THis one is breath-taking!!! I think it's a painting...do you know anything about it? The artist? Where you got it? I want it on my wall!


thanx everyone, for making my eyes happy!

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