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Paulina Porizkova


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That's sweet, Red, thanks. I'm glad I can bring something new to the board, since practically the entire thread was new to me, especially the Estee Lauder ads! :D I still haven't found my stash of in store brochures though, only a couple loose ones. :(

The two pics are from an in store 7" x 5" brochure from the now defunct Robinson's-May in Costa Mesa, Ca. That location was upscale and they had an Estee Lauder Spa for a time.

post-28377-1240173916_thumb.jpg post-28377-1240173956_thumb.jpg

***** Paulinafan Gasps in awe ******

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WOW! :drool: THANKS srepac! Where does this left one come from? I know it only in another pose from a Harper´s Bazaar en Espanol magazine. Sorry, the date is no more available. I think kargot it. I really miss her here! :cry:


The left one has been posted here as two separate scans. I couldn't bring it up using the search function, but I made a composite for you. The original files poster were pinup_5 & pinup_6.

Couldn't get the upload function to work, using ImagShack...


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Thanks everyone for some great pictures!

Missparker - had never seen that cover before - Terrific!

Blue Moon - as always, you've blown me away! The postcard in bronze for Estee Lauder and Carolee...I'd seen a tiny shot of it a while ago in an auction that went for over $600 but this is the first time I've seen it in HQ. Thanks a million for your Estee Lauder contributions!

My Sunday is now complete! :laugh: :wave:

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Thanks to all of you brilliant posters who recognize that the most beautiful face ever is that of Paulina!!! ;) You have all seen the light and understand the meaning of beauty. :whistle: :whistle: Keep the pics coming, more Paulina Perfection, :drool: :drool: !!! Thanks!! :heart: :heart:

I kinda agree. Paulina has probably the most beautiful, perfect face I've ever seen.

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kalaudia reminded me the other day of some picture I posted from an Internet video (back on pg15 of this thread). She asked me about the pics, so I sent her a link to the video clip that I got them from.

To make a long story short, I realized that maybe some of you would also like to see the video(s).

Click on the link below:


Then type "Paulina Porizkova" into the search at the bottom left side of the screen and two videos will come up to play....enjoy!


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