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Your first car, and what ya drivin now...


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I don't have any pictures of my first car, but it was a real piece of work (in a bad way)

I never actually drove it because I couldn't get the trans fixed, so I had it towed away and got $40 out of the deal. It was a Black 1983 Firebird, looked kinda like the Nightrider firebird, except shitty. :rolleyes:

Looked like this one


My second car was a 1984 Mustang, also a piece of work, it ran really well though, but had no power at all, and looked pretty bad.

Looked kinda like this, only worse of course.


3rd car, 1980 Trans Am, Chevy Orange, piece of shit. With a 350 from a '77 Monte Carlo. Engine gets an A+ rest of the car=rusted out shit box. <_< It could do a 14 sec quarter mile, which is just above mediocre.

Looked like this, only without that hood,


4th car, :cry: Trans Am WS6 :cry: Lost my job, and lost it, 'nuff said. The only picture I actually have of any of my cars.


I drive my moms Saturn now. ;)

Edit: By the way every payment on that WS6 was paid for out of my own pocket, no mommy, daddy help. ;)

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First car was a 89 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL, the cars I'm currently driving are 2005 Mercedes clk & 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid (which my Husband drives mostly)

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this is my baby,  :)  stock rims for winter  <_< 


wat was your hp on that again king?

stock is 320, i have around 375, got some basic upgrades on it. i want to push 500 after i upgrade the turbos :evil:

get the greddy turbo timer and boost controller....around 400 bucks and it'll give ya control over ur turbos

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i have a turbo timer, but no boost controller. i'll show you a picture of my timer and interior sometime. im getting a boost controller with my new snails :cool: . i need money though :( . i don't feel like it's worth it for the stock turbos.

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