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Been playing Shadow of the Colossus on PS2, the visuals in this game are unbelievable, especially for the aging PS2. Only things I can complain about with this game are that, the camera sucks, not so much when you're on the colossus, as that's supposed to be disorienting, but when your on the ground near a colossus, it's all messed up. I mean they give you a button to press to focus on them while fighting, you don't need the camera doing it for you when you don't want it to.

The horse sucks, really, really bad in terms of it's controlability, would have been better if they would have just dropped the horse entirely and made your character run a bit faster to compensate. I mean you need the horse for 1 colossus and that's it, they should have gotten rid of the horse. :) Another thing about the horse is that, in the areas where the horse can come near you while fighting a colossus, it tends to try and run or stand near you while your attempting to get onto the colossus, which is a hinderance. If you are whistling to try and gain a colossus' attention, your horse will try and get within two inches of you as if you were meaning to call it instead. :laugh:

And the only other thing complaint worthy is the fact that I was able to complete the game in a very short period of time, there's only 16 colossus, and that just ain't enough once you get going with the game and get good at bringing them down real quick.

Those things are definitely not enough to keep someone away from the game, play it. :D The controls are a bit odd in the beginning, but you'll get used to them quick.

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Took a Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 week... does anyone know if there's gona be a third or not? does anyone here like KOTOR?

Does anyone know when Hitman: Blood Money comes out? or has it already?


the last new game I played was Prince Of Persia 3: the Two Thrones... I enjoyed it greatly.. but it wasn't that challenging..

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Guitar Hero (that game is addicting)

Hitman 2 : Silent Assassin, going to start Contracts in a few days.

Hitman 2 is great.. Contracts is basically the same gameplay... not that innovative... of course we play if for the chance to do things people would normally frown upon (Like killing people..lol...) in any case what I liked about Contracts is that you go back and relive some of the greatest levels from Hitman 1.. but with some changes..

Im waiting for the 4th.. Hitman:Blood Money..


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Guitar Hero is basically you play old rock'n'roll songs with a guitar shaped controller. I can't get past the medium level because my fingers don't move that fast :laugh:

oh man! I wold looooove to play that! I play guitar and love playing old rock n roll.. how old are we talkin bout? beatles old? chuck berry old? Rolling stones old? or Bon Jovi or Guns n Roses old?(My fav group growing up)

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