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The Paste Thread

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I wouldn't do her :no: She's a femme bot :ninja:

Would you do her? :brows:

and last thing pasted:

However, the proportion of males in our sample (85.5%) was markedly greater than those found in Lawrinson et al.'s study (55.6%). This was also true for the aforementioned studies that examined cocaine (66%), cannabis (58%) and amphetamines (61%)
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Completely agree! ^^^

She's G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. :woot: :woot: People who think otherwise are a bunch of uglies. :ermm:

:rofl: or have no taste in beautiful people

and David is not bad looking either :brows: lucky her

Are you kidding me? They are perfect :heart: (mostly her :p)...she's so skinny I wish I had her disicipline. :ermm:

I would! She's fab!! The eptiome of Style! And according to the post above...you are one sad little person. :whistle:

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