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Jessica Hart


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Pictures from her birthday, the one in normal color is from Modelinia, so is this little interview type thing:

Birthday girl Jessica Hart wasn't entirely sure she wanted a celebration, but once her friends convinced her, it turned into a full-on event. Honestly my friends were all like, Have a party It was such a gloomy day out I just went to the gym and that was it, she said on Thursday night at Southside. With star-framed glasses, horn party favors, and a ceiling filled with heart-shaped balloons, she partied into her 23rd birthday, climbing into the DJ booth to request songs, and even dancing to the drums that ushered in her birthday cake. Certainly a birthday to remember. For those of you who didn't make it out to the new Sports Illustrated birthday girls bash, here are a few songs that helped her dance the night away with her friends.

1. LES Artists by Santogold

2. Deception by Le Tigre

3. I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriends How to Dance with You by Black Kids

4. Say Goodbye to Love by Kenna

5. Conga by Gloria Estefan

6. Just Dance by Lady Gaga

7. Kids by MGMT

8. Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox

9. Great DJ by The Ting Tings

10. Day & Nite by Kid Cudi Vs. Crookers










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Jessica's a new VS model! :)

HOT on the heels of her sexy Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue shoot, Chadwicks model Jessica Hart has been signed to Victoria's Secret.

Hart joins fellow Australian Miranda Kerr as one of the faces of the American lingerie company. Hart, who recently shot the new Seafolly swimsuit campaign and is the face of Bettina Liano, has been in Australia for the past few weeks.

She headed back to the US on Monday to start work with the underwear phenomenon.

Gallery: Lovely Jessica Hart

"Sports Illustrated was an amazing opportunity and I have had an incredible response to it in the US," Hart said.

She recently appeared on the US reality TV series The City, which stars Whitney Port.

Hart, from Melbourne, said that for the time being she is not contemplating a move into TV.

"The City was a one-off thing," she said.

This Hart grows fonder

"I became really good friends with Whitney, she is a gorgeous girl and she was dating Jay (Lyons, the best mate of Hart's boyfriend Nicholas Potts) for a little bit."

However, Hart said reality TV was not her cup of tea. "It is invasive and it usually wrecks a lot of relationships, which is probably why Whitney and Jay did not work out," she said.

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This is off of Modelinia:

"Victoria’s Secret has a new Aussie to flaunt: Jessica Hart just signed to model for the catalog, joining fellow Australian models Miranda Kerr, Sarah Stephens, and Abbey Lee Kershaw. Most recently, Jessica posed for Bettina Liano’s Fall/Winter 2009 denim campaign (image above), following in the steps of Nicole Trunfio and Gemma Ward. She also appeared in the 2009 Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit edition, and will begin her VS poses on Monday! Will a pair of wings be next?"

And it says in there she's signed for the catalogue :)

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Social Life Magazine

post-7711-0-1446096736-43944_thumb.jpg th_e0c01d40610283.gif/monthly_06_2009/post-7711-0-1446096739-64139_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3996555" alt="post-7711-0-1446096739-64139_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="63.41"> post-7711-0-1446096739-70962_thumb.jpg


post-7711-0-1446096739-7471_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096739-80654_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096739-84078_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096739-88797_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096739-9293_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096739-94511_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096739-96261_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096740-0068_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096740-03093_thumb.jpg 02454f40610344.gif post-7711-0-1446096740-07816_thumb.jpg

post-7711-0-1446096740-13901_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096740-1475_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096740-18522_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096740-22007_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096740-27539_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096740-29966_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096740-36071_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096740-39547_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096740-42612_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096740-45645_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096740-49107_thumb.jpg

Karen (It was just labeled Kared)

7ac73540611118.gif post-7711-0-1446096740-57599_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096740-60037_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096740-64588_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096740-67476_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096740-7055_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446096740-76345_thumb.jpg

Bettina Liano

th_2c837840611109.gif/monthly_06_2009/post-7711-0-1446096740-79424_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3996628" alt="post-7711-0-1446096740-79424_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="133.63">

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