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Kayla Travers

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BORN; August 20th 1992

WHERE; Omaha, Nebraska

LIVES; St. Louis, Missouri

HEIGHT; 177 cm (5'9.5)



BUST; 81cm (32 inches)

WAIST; 61cm (24 inches)

HIPS; 86cm (34 inches)

AGENCIES; 1 Model Management (NY), Mother Model Management

BIOGRAPHY; New to modeling, Kayla Travers was discovered in a grocery store in St. Louis (my hometown! woot!). She signed with 1 Model Management (NY). She's fifteen, and will turn sixteen in august . Currently she lives in St. Louis with her family and friends. Although there aren't many pictures of her right now, I have a feeling she'll be big. Watch out!

39440354kx2.th.jpg image3147qy9.th.jpg image1147yy1.th.jpg

wanted to know what everyone thought of her.

i think she's really gorgeous. <3 i can't wait to see more of her.

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A wonderful new face. Hints of Daria and even Claudia in look. I wish her well in the modelling profession. Thank you for the introduction.

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can anyone specify, is this her? it looks soo much like her... but with her face all white... and there are so many models out there *heh*

47875370xv1.th.png 65355364if2.th.png 64066104st5.th.png 77379622pw6.th.png 15087843jx7.th.png

A Magazine/ March 2008/ Ph: Kelly Klein (from houseprod.com)

but i know that these are her:

84371nylon3122160lozn5.th.jpg 84375nylon51221129lojg7.th.jpg 84391nylon7122754lokm9.th.jpg 84405nylon9122645losz8.th.jpg 84406nylon101221130logr7.th.jpg

Nylon Magazine/ March 2008/ Ph: Marvin Scott Jarett (scanned by rebellion @ tFS) / other models: Mark the cobra snake, Joe Cardamone, Karin Adam

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more from the nylon shoot – behind the scenes:

32122img0203122633losd2.th.jpg 32126img021312289lotx5.th.jpg 32123img0211122237loxu4.th.jpg 32124img0212122908lohy5.th.jpg 32127img021812230long5.th.jpg 32128img022212283lobe4.th.jpg 32129img0223122109lopc3.th.jpg


The only show she did this season was Marc by Marc Jacobs (was it an exclusive? I dunno…) but I don’t have the pics on this computer :/

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er double post

but look who i found at the isaac mizrahi resort :)

they only have her first name on style.com but i'm pretty sure its her.

im1no2.th.jpg im2vo7.th.jpg im3os3.th.jpg im4xk2.th.jpg

hopefully she'll be in more resort shows soon!!

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