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Bianca Balti


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I tought exactly the same . . . Everybody is already talking about her in Italy and usually that's not a good thing for a model (excluding for kate, naomy etc. . .) because fashion world lose interest in you! Moreover she's already said in a recent interview, at Chiambretti night, that she'd like doing a full-time mum . . . But before that, earning as much as she can in order to create a save future to her lovely daughter . . . Wathever, as long as i can see her in tv, newspapers etc i'm still happy! :heart:

Full time mom? i know i should be happy for her and everything... but i would miss her so much...

lets hope about that nyfw..

and what job in Rome are you talking about? ^^

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Yeah^U'r welcome :laugh:

I bought it and if i really don't like the cover she looks beautiful inside :heart: She is a mixt between Sophie Loren /Anita Edberg/ and cineccità actresses in this edits :heart:

:p I am sure our dear friend Tekka (Oh que oui mademoiselle!) will be more then happy to scan the 24 pages! :ninja:

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GUYS she'll be the new face of TIM (the most important italian mobilephone company) It means a loooot of money for her! the spots will be recorded in June and aired at the end of the summer!


damn let's hope this is not a goodbye to fashion :(

and i'm not very excited by this because... "the new face of a mobilephone" :/ ...well..i prefer to see her in "real" fashion stuff. .. :huh:

anyway,Thanks for the videos man!

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