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Wild Rose

David Gandy

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I agree with you Wild Rose, David Gandy is manly. Finally, a male model that looks like a man. I just started looking at this website and have found the male models to be too effeminate. He has a good jawline and dark, chiseled features.

awesome photos!!!!! thanks!
kata ta alla o kostas kountos einai asximos......telos panton....

are you kidding me??? are you comparing David with Kountos??? David is not beautiful but he is very charming and manly and has a great body! Kountos has a nice body too but he's too short and has NO WAY the charm of David. Plus, David is a well known top male model... Kountos is only displayed on STAR channel... :whistle: :cain:

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Dolce & Gabbana Underwear 2008

Director: Mariano Vivanco

Technical Director: Regan Hall

Some gif animations I made from that video:

(Click on the pictures to view them.)

dg001162un3.png dg002043wn7.png dg003187rz2.png dg00448yz0.png

dg00516ap0.png dg006118go3.png dg007167ki4.png dg008088zw2.png

dg009103yo3.png dg01001ax7.png

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