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America's Next Top Model


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I'm happy that the girl that got booted this week got booted :shifty:

on a semi-related note, i've just stumbled upon a video from the finale of Top Model 2005 (the French version of ANTM that was launched in 2005 but failed to gather people in front of their TV so they stopped after the first edition :ninja: ). I think the girls were prettier than most of the contestants from ANTM, but the photoshoots kinda sucked and none of the girl made it big after the show :ninja:

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Well nothing really happen on last nights episode. It was just a recap :cain:

but I recorded it anyways and couldn't change it coz I timed it and i wasn't home so here :flower:

"The Girl Who Picks A Fight"

recorded by me


Format: WMV

Width: 720 Height: 480

File size: 268.61 MB = 42 minutes and 10 seconds



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haha you're welcome ... i should of made it clear. it was a recap of the past episodes and they showed some never before scenes :hehe:

i actually saw on a preview clip on youtube that it'd be a recap :laugh: i just forgot about it :| but i'm willing to watch anything ANTM while i'm waiting for next week's episod so thank you again :D

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