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Actress vs. Models


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Alessandra is losing :x

I hope that Penelope likes to eat sand, cuz Ale leaves her in her dust :yes:

Penelope has more talent in her pinky then Ale will ever have. :blah:

im loving this round :evil:

Nouve im sorry bother your competition but i dont think people know, The BEST commercial ever started !

So people vote here for Actress vs. Models then go HERE and vote for the best commercial :)

And great competition Julia I'm going to vote now. :yes:

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Scarlett Johannson: She's such a stunning woman and such a good actress.

Ana has the hips of a 14 year old boy, in almost every candid we see her in she's wasted or high on something (not that that's a problem, but all things in moderation), and she has this bug eyed thing that kinda wigs me out.

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Yeah, 'cause Ale's so unattractive that even the dust tries to get away from her :laugh:

You know that MTV show Yo Momma, where the contestants win rounds by coming up with better insults than their competitor? You do? Great. Don't ever, ever be on that show. :no:

he´s got dust in his head :laugh:

and Ana

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