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Unanswered/Weird Questions

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Post unanswered or weird questions here. Let's see if any BZ member could answer them.

How old are you before it can be said you died of old age?

There's no such thing as dying of old age :nicole:

you wanna read a novel and you wanna burn a book.

How can a baby bat suck his mom's tit ?!! Upside down ?!! :dontgetit:


Have you ever tried swallowing upside down?


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I know the answer. Not sure if Heather does though.

No doctors are not human. That's why their writing is incomprehensible, because it is their way of communication disguised as some fancy medical prescription when in fact they plot with other aliens about the destruction of pharmaceutical companies in Tibet and Uzbekistan. That way the evil monkeys of the north will not be able to hijack shipments of drugs into the jungle and sell them to the pandas and ants for profits! That's only the tip of the iceberg though... the conspiracy gets more complicated :| And it involves news readers and the weather person :o :alien:

Anyway, my question is why are you praying when you talk to god, but considered crazy when god talks to you? :chicken:

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