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You don't need to register with megaupload. When you click on the link listed, it will probably take you to an advertisement page with a button that says "continue" or something. Click that and it'll take you to the download page. On the download page, a button at the top will say "please wait # seconds" the # usually being anywhere from 20 to 45 (at least in my experience). Once it's counted down, an ad will drop in front of it. Click the x in the corner of the ad to make it go away, then click the button that used to have the countdown numbers on it.

I hope that made sense <_<

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i cant find any "continue"button or something like that in the page that pops up after i click the link..but it says "All download slots (2000) assigned to your country (Taiwan) are in use.

Please try again later. "

what does it means ?

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All it means is that Megaupload has only allowed 2000 connections at a single time for Taiwan, which means that you will just have to keep trying until one of those spaces is free for you to download the file.

It's kind of ridiculous that they put limits on some countries. :/

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Ok, Here for everyone to enjoy, is the VS Sexy video which comes with the VS Sexy Books.

Everyone thank Xfiler for this as he is the one providing it for everyones enjoyment. ;)

Now there are the individual videos floating around here captured from the VS website, but this is DVD quality so you will notice the massive improvement, as well as the large increase in file size.

The file has been split and archived with WinRar, simply put the files into the same directory, and open the first one and extract. The video is an XviD encoded Avi, See the Video Help thread if you have trouble playing this video once you have downloaded it.

Total file size is just about 245mb. Resolution is 720x416, and the clip runs for about 8min44sec. Enjoy.




VS Sexy

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

i downloaded three of them (part 1-2-3 )but the rest is required and they are deleted :cry: can anyone upload them please :cry:

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darn it.. i dunno y but i cant dl the videos from rapidshare.de anymore.. i dl-ed about 2 vids then it suddenly refused to dl anymore.. but the megaupload links work.. guess i'll haf to be thankful and grab whatever i can get i guess.. nice job uploading the videos guys.. its gooood

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I don't know of any other sites like that, but that video on that page in the lower right hand corner, does contain Gisele's parts in the VS Sexy video. That is a direct copy of the dvd that came with the VS Sexy books, so at least you will have that. :)

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