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Monika Jagaciak


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On 5/22/2021 at 11:22 AM, sanja said:

Elle Serbia June 2021 


I have this magazine for Serbia if anyone needs it :)





Any chance you could scan it? Would appreciate it :) 

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3 hours ago, sanja said:

Elle Serbia June 2021 


Scanned by me


I have this magazine for Serbia if anyone needs it :)



img036.jpg img037.jpg img038.jpg img039.jpg img040.jpg img041.jpg img042.jpg


for those interested , below a google translate of her itw


"Branislav Jankic records fi1-move, makes sculptures and re-performances that explore the accuracy of redemption. The Belgrade Pusika had the opportunity to meet this blue boy from Borovo Se1 only last April during the screening of his experimental documentary Vesticji kotao. For his artistic work, he draws inspiration from his personal history, from all the conflicts and traumas he survived as a displaced person from the former Yugoslavia. MonikaJaga-ciakJankic is a supermodel from the cities of Poznan and Poland, known to the world fashion industry by the nickname Jas, and even more famous by the fact that already as a fifteen-year-old she had a trin-six cover of the world's most important fashion magazines. E11eje got an exclusive opportunity to meet these two young inspirational people and talk to them about art, fashion, women's rights, roots, family and belonging.
Monika Jagaciak Jankic
After an extremely successful career, you took a one-year break due to motherhood, what changes has the role of a mother brought to your life?


 My life has slowed down a lot. It actually slowed down a bit even before I decided to get pregnant. It was a good time for me given my career and personal need for a new role. I was hoping, of course, to get back at least part of your life (travel and the like) again, but then a pandemic happened. As horrible as it was for the whole world, I think it also brought some good side to my life. It gave me a new perspective and a certain distance from work.
How much do you think a woman needs not only to look good enough to get back on the runway after giving birth, but also to want to work again?

 I admire women who can endure such a quick “comeback.” I think society influences us to think that we should immediately go back to what we were and wear those tight jeans. Everyone is different. It took me a few months to heal and I get used to the new normalcy I had great people around me who didn't pressure you to be what I don't feel right now I believe there is a change in the approach to motherhood - a nonsense-free approach There are more and more women talking about how it really is Exhausting is, hard for your body and mind, but also the most wonderful way to grow - in love and responsibility.

After the #MeToo movement shook the world, you see some progress for the better in order to protect models from sexual harassment, how many agencies have done when it comes to this? 

There are definitely things that have been normalized for decades, and which were basically wrong, and somehow neither the model nor the agent questioned that. We used to change in the middle of the room surrounded by people, and now there is usually some kind of privacy on the sets. We waited for hours and hours to see the casting director without any food or drink, under pressure from the agents. That doesn't happen anymore. This may not be directly related to me, but it is a huge step forward in treatment. I think the biggest change the #MeToo movement has brought is fear, or actually greater awareness of people working in the industry. It should have been emphasized that we are just people and that we are extremely fragile because throughout our career we are judged solely on our appearance. We deserve better ...
Since then, women have been uniting to fight for their rights, and their problems have become more visible and closer to a solution. One such "fight" took place in the autumn of Poland, when the gaps took to the streets due to the decision of the Constitutional Court to impose a lawsuit.
ELLE.RS 1 61

a complete ban on abortion - what is the situation in Poland today when it comes to women's rights?

 Not good. Poland has always been far from giving equal rights to women, and what happened last year is truly devastating. The competent government has been creating hell for women and the LGBTQ community for 4-5 years. I have been so proud of our progress over the last 15 years, but now we have taken a BIG step backwards. It is also very frustrating for us when we realize that even millions of people on the street cannot tell the difference that the system is corrupt by horrible people and the influence of the church.


Your colleague and compatriot Anja Rubik publicly supported them and became a kind of protective face of that struggle. 

I think it is extremely important for public figures to get involved and show their support in times like these. I find that they lose credibility if they do not express their opinion. Thanks to social networks, we can quickly spread information and create images that can influence others. I would like more people to think about what they represent on social networks and what it really means to the "new generation". I try to be as honest and realistic as possible on my social networks and I often get involved in actions that I consider important, personal.

The fashion industry operates according to the system of “fast fashion” which is based on excessive use of natural resources and cheap labor. Also, the fashion industry belongs to the high pollutants of soil and water, and it is also known for its high emission of greenhouse gases, how much awareness are there of the models that are also part of that system?

 I think we know more and more. The whole world is more educated when it comes to this topic, but there is still much to be done. The first and most important step is to buy less - produce less - invest in quality. I don't think I'm in a position to educate on this topic, but there are some wonderful sources and I see that celebrities and models often talk about this, which makes you happy.

You are married to performance and video insert Branislav Jankic, how are contemporary art and fashion connected?
 I think art and fashion have always been a great couple. These are the only two worlds that are interconnected in their complexity, status and inclusiveness. For us as a couple, it is good to work in these two industries because we can understand mutual work and cooperate at all levels.

You have successfully proved yourself as the producer of your husband's film The Witch's Cauldron, which we had the opportunity to see in Belgrade in April, that you are not a model that you would like to do? 

This question has been constantly following me since I became a model. I could never give a satisfactory answer. I guess I approach my job / career / hobby / everything I do in the same way I approach the places I live. I never want to decide on just one thing. I like life to give me such opportunities as production or going to art school, modeling, etc. It's hard to say no, and it's all a learning process. I have the opportunity to try it all, I'm very grateful for the demo.
ELLE.RS 1 63



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US Vogue February 2011

"Gangs of New York"

with Julia Saner, Anna de Rijk & Frida Gustavsson
Photographer: Mario Testino
Fashion Editor: Grace Coddington
Hair: Orlando Pita
Makeup: Linda Cantello

Production Designer: Colin Donahue



Vogue Archive

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