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Matt Loewen

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I dont realy like him like a model, he looks sad or serrious almost meen. But i found somem pics of my freind with him, so thanks for those a lot Ana! :flower:

Your friend knows him??? Ooooo do tell! :hehe:

haha really! i think he looks like a cute nice friendly guy. especially in that pic with his mom?? i think thats his mom, just guessing.

thanks again :)

Agreed (Y) Yeah i think its his mom :) Awwww :blush:

Thanks for starting his thread :hug:

I was wondering when someone would do it :laugh:

:flower: i think he deserves it, hes like one of those really good models that almost go unnoticed :blink:

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I love the last Matt Loewen HQ pic ! Thanks to Ana Beatriz !

Again, his face expression, oh-so loveable ! I think that Matt's unique..

I love his new looks. And his hairy chest, hmm...sexy!

I know he is so amazing!!! :blush: :blush: I wish he worked more then we would have more pictures <_< Anyways heres 2 HQs of Matt at Dolce and Gabbana Milano Menswear F/W 07/08 :drool: :wave: PS your welcome Allegra :)



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