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Sarai Givaty


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I used the search feature and couldn't find a thread on Sarai. This is my first post at Bellazon. I am honored to be part of this great community. :wave:

Sarai Givati

Birthday: 06.24.1982

Tveria, Israel

post-15615-0-1446026075-64952_thumb.jpgpost-15615-0-1446026075-81415_thumb.jpgth_Sarai_Givati_6.JPG/monthly_05_2007/post-15615-0-1446026076-0521_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2941635" alt="post-15615-0-1446026076-0521_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="150">



There are more photos on http://SuperModelCenter.com/

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Sarai Givati is an Israeli model, actress, artist, and author. See many more photos of her below. She was born in Tiberias, Israel on June 24, 1982. This Israeli beauty stands 5′ 7¼’. In 2003, she hosted an Israeli TV series, “Exit”. Acting wise, she has appeared in “Kol Layla” and “CSI”. She has just completed filming the movie “The Passage”, in which she co-stars opposite Stephen Dorff.

In addition to being an actress, Sarai Givati is also a model. She has graced the cover of two magazines thus far - “360″ and “Pnai Plus”, both shot in 2005.

As an artist, she had a show called “Privacy” in May of 2005 at the Raaw art Gallery. She has also authored a book entitled, “Reaching Happiness Through Common Sense”.

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:woot: I searched so hard for pics of her, where are you finding these!?

There's a group on facebook called "sarai givaty", there's many pics here. I couldn't find more pics of her either coz the only websites dedicated to her are written in hebrew, so I don't know how to find them...

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