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Jennifer Lamiraqui


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Hello everyone :)


I have a question about Jennifer - who is very beautiful btw -

According to her Wikipedia page and other websites, she has appeared in an episode of an american TV show called "Tell me you love me" produced by HBO.

Does anyone know in which one?

(I didn't know where to ask this, and I hope its the right place)

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Hello folks, back with some new stuff!


I've just found an interesting video which confirms previous claims where you can see Jennifer with her former boyfriend, the French singer Damien Saez (according to some French gossip sites and tabloïds, she dated him for two years before dating Yoann Gourcuff).

The video was filmed a couple of years ago during a concert at The Zenith in Paris. She appears at 9:46, her BF wants her to sing or dance with him on the stage but she doesn't want to. She looks a bit embarrassed to be honest.


Like I said previously, it's really hard to find info about her or candids so enjoy this short video.





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Hi folks!

I've just found an interesting picture of Jennifer that was taken during a party in Paris at the end of the year 2018 (in November to more precise). She is still beautiful and charming but definitely a bit more mature (I'd say she probably got children). 

Looks like she went to that party alone. I couldn't tell you If she was still dating that French singer Damien Saez at that time (as for the French soccer player Yoann Gourcuff, I think her relationship with him is over since a long time). 

Like I said a couple of months ago, it's pretty rare to see her in nightclubs or parties in France, so just enjoy it.


Party at the "Mad Lords House of jewelry", Paris, November 22, 2018.


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I know there are many pictures of her in Pinterest.

Maybe they are outdated but if you are looking "Jennifer lamiraqui macys",

the following link appears:



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