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girls from various catalogues

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hello everyone !
i hope im not in the wrong thread.
i see some of you are highly skilled so i may ask some help.
anyone can identify these models ? i use to collect their scans from various catalogues.

Identified: Jenny Lopez Not to be confused with you know who...

i remember i saw her last yer in an ad for a garnier product. i cant find the video and i didnt recorded it ...

More HQ pics there

post-9403-0-1446417009-29186_thumb.jpgth_53678_46_122_594lo.jpg th_54086_68_122_1197lo.jpg

edit: Identified: Vibe Sorensen


identified:Leonie Ter Braak

Identified: Amanda Montoya

more to come :wave:

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The blond in pics 4 and (I think) 5 is Vibe Sorensen. thanks!

I might have 6 and 9 somewhere--I'll have to look around.

Suggestion: number each pic when you post a lot.

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:wave: zecle

do u have anymore of alisa makhmoutova. the more the better, i think shes the best. if so can u post them please?

sorry i uploaded all i have since i didnt saw her much these years ...

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guess what guys, the babe that everyone on the net thinks is alisa makhmoutova is actually not alisa makhmoutova (i doubt she even exists) at all!!!! :o

her real name is 'Leonie Ter braak' a dutch model. now tv presenter.

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