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Taylor Fuchs

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:yes: he has a great body, its slender but not waifish, tall but not gangly, his shoulders are nice and broad and his waist narrows to the right size. but then again if he put some weight on he would still look just as good. bah, hes just a very beautiful boy :hehe: . ive not seen one outfit that he hasnt pulled off successfully. but i like him in the suits and 'poshed' up the best personally, because i think hes quite the polite and suave gentleman....im a gonna stop now :clobber:

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I've been stalking this thread for a while now, thanks to all of you who consistently hunt down pics of taylor! I really like how he's not one of those fashionista male models. Based on his candid pics, he wears mostly really simple basics - Yankees cap, tees, hoodies, random (sometimes ill fitting) jeans. I think it shows that modeling is just a job to him, he isn't being consumed by all the overwhelmingly superficial aspects of the fashion world. I know he's Canadian, but his mannerisms/way of speech really gives him that down to earth all-American boy air.

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you know the photo in the suit that ttt managed to get bigger? is that part of a bigger editorial or is it just the one picture. id love to see more if there are some! :hehe:

That was all I found on the agency's website, and there was no information.

Sorry... :(

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