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Found 15 results

  1. Only post if you know the models name. If you don't, start a thread in the Model ID Section. Edit: You can add covers and editorials without the name of the model. Just post as much information about the cover and editorial at your disposal. Prima Magazine has various additions so be sure to label which edition it is. Please don't make this an identification thread.
  2. Thread for Top Sante and Sante covers and editorials There is Sante France, Top Sante France, Top Sante UK, and Sante Netherlands.
  3. Version femina is a French magazine which is published every sunday with local and regional press. This thread is about the models on the cover and within this magazine.
  4. "Maxi" is a French magazine (women's magazine) which is on the same "segment" as Femme Actuelle (they are published every week, they have the same themes, etc.). Though I think Femme Actuelle is more ambitious, more artistic (and their models are prettier), I still think that Maxi deserves their own page for their models. PS : there's also a German edition (it's a monthly magazine in Germany, not a weekly).
  5. Marie France Magazine Models Cover and Editorials NO ID REQUESTS. You don't have to know the name of the model for this thread.
  6. Pep's is a French magazine for senior (ladies above 50). It was started in 2014 and they work with a lot of famous lifestyle models. @modelknowledge You made me discover this magazine (thanks for that ! I never noticed it in France, it's not very well known ; I don't think that they sell it everywhere). There are 16 issues (at present, I could ID 12 of them). Let's try to Id them all (let's put them in the thread by order of appearance and let's precise when we need to ID them)
  7. Factice a French Fashion Magazine (it deals with Fashion / Photography / Beauty / Style / Art / Design). It started in 2011. Please share here their covers and editorials.
  8. MIXT(E) France № 11 Autumn 2000 ''Mask'' Photographer:Andres Serrano Styling:Anastasia Barbieri Model:Guinevere Van Seenus Scans:strip-project
  9. this is a list of models who have worked for Notre Temps Magazine. NO ID Requests.
  10. Dealing with fashion, trends and lifestyles, Citizen K International has become the magazine of reference in the world of high-end press.
  11. Modes & Travaux (in French "Modes et Travaux", to be pronounced "Mode-z-é-travaux" ) is a French lifestyle magazine. Please post their covers in this thread. No IDs please (you have to know the full name of the model before posting). Please add the date to all your posts (month and year). PS: enjoy !
  12. This thread is for identified models only. Must have models/celebrities full name or first name and agency. Please label what edition it is. IE Stuff Magazine UK.
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