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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, everybody! I have posted a few times in the SI Swimsuit area of Bellazon with an idea for this ultimate Swimsuit Model Tournament, and I'm launching it today. I hope as many of you as possible vote in this competition. I'm doing it because I'm as excited about SI models as you are, and I'm also very curious how this will turn out. Since this forum isn't the greatest way to collect poll results, I'll be using a non-spammy polling service that I can link to here. I've been lurking at Bellazon for a long time, and I love the site. So, I'm posting every one of the matches in this thread. Because there will be so many matches and such a huge bracket, I'm going to use my blog site as a "home base" for the tournament. (No, this isn't an effort to drive traffic to my blog... I am just a fan and don't profit in any way from traffic. I just want to run this competition as well as I can.) The full brackets are rather huge jpg files, so they're posted on the tournament main page on the blog. Here's an explanation of the tournament, which I've copied/pasted from my blog. The first matches will begin on September 4th. I hope you all enjoy it and participate! I'm looking forward to providing some entertainment during the fall & winter. ------ As of 2013, there have been 221 models that have appeared in the 50 publications of the SI Swimsuit Issue. All 221 are a part of this exciting competition! The tournament consists of two parts: the Main Draw and the Qualifying Draw. The Main Draw consists of 128 models, one of which will be the ultimate champion. Here's the breakdown of the Main Draw: 32 seeded models (see this link for the list) 64 unseeded models 32 qualifiers I have created a unique ranking system that ranks every one of the 221 SI Swimsuit models (see FAQ here). The top 32 in the rankings are assigned seeds according to their rank, and they are distributed throughout the bracket so a seeded model will not match up against another seeded model until the 3rd round of the tournament. The 64 models ranked #s 33-96 are also in the Main Draw, and they are considered "unseeded" models. Unseeded models were randomly assigned in the bracket, always matching up against another unseeded model in the 1st round of the Main Draw. The final 32 positions in the Main Draw are reserved for those models who advance through the Qualifying Draw. The 125 models ranked between 97-221 participate in the Qualifying Draw, which consists of two rounds, thinning the field to the 32 qualifiers who will earn a spot in the Main Draw. All bracket slots (and thus, the first round matches) in the Qualifying Draw were randomly assigned. For the 32 models lucky enough to survive the Qualifying Draw, their first round matchup will be against one of the 32 seeded models. So, it's a tough road to hoe for one of those qualifiers to make it deep in the tournament! Each match will have a voting period of one week. After the voting period is over, the results will be announced and the winner will move on to the next round in the tournament. This continues until we have our one champion.
  2. Hi, everyone! I'm happy to announce Sunday, September 20 as the start date for the 2015 SI Swimsuit Model Tournament! This will be year #3 of the tournament. In the tournament's inaugural year, 2013, Marisa Miller claimed the title with a victory over Elle Macpherson in the championship match. In 2014, Bar Refaeli staked her claim to #1 with a win over Nina Agdal in the championship match. Who will it be this year? Again, you’ll decide! You may recall that last year I had a Group Stage with round-robin play, followed by a Knockout Stage. It worked out well, but the tournament ran long and was way too much work for little ol' me. For this year, there are just 3 models in each group, which means round-robin Group play consists of only 2 matches per model (and 3 total in the group, compared to 6 last year.) It also means that there is no margin for error: only the first place model in each group will advance to the Knockout Stage. There are no wild cards like last year. So, the Group Stage is critical! In the days before the tournament starts, I'll share my thoughts on some of the most interesting groups in the group stage. Many of the groups have 2-3 models that are difficult to separate, so the Group Stage should be immediately interesting. Current links to: Tournament Home Page Tournament Format Group Stage Standings/Tables (you can see all groups here) Knockout Stage Bracket Tournament FAQ I hope you enjoy the 3rd annual tournament, and I encourage you to participate every day! I'm looking forward to hosting it for you!
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