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Found 15 results

  1. ELLE ITALIA, OCTOBER 1997''Stile de diva''Photographer: Pascal ChevallierModel: Nina KolanoStyling: Milva GigliMakeup: Helen Barnes/Debbie WeltersHair: Martyn Gayle/Marina Jones, Londra Scanned by RocketQueen
  2. ELLE ITALIA, MARCH 1998 "Leggermente" Photographer:Giovanni Gastel Model:Margherita Suppini Styling:Micaela Sessa Make up:Alessandra Casoni/Freelancer Hair:Maurizio Kulpherk/Giovanni di Muro Scanned by Rosie Nikolaeva
  3. DOLLY was an Australian bimonthly teen magazine started in 1970 by Fairfax Ltd. in Australia and New Zealand, and purchased by ACP in 1988. The magazine became online-only publication and ceased the print edition in December 2016. Dolly was the basis and inspiration for Sassy Magazine (1987-1996) in the United States. The magazine is aimed at teenage girls (13-17 age group) and covers celebrity news and gossip, fashion and beauty and various feature articles attractive to female teenagers and dealing with issues that are faced by this age group and gender.
  4. L'Officiel Russia autumn 1997 (First number in Russia) Cover model:Esther de Jong Editoril & cover Photographer:Michel Nafziger Models:Inna Zobova and Maayan Keret Hair:Ivan Other pages this editorial missing Me (cover from FMD)
  5. Marie Claire Germany April 1992 ''Bestseller'' Photographer:Martin Brading Model:Yasmin Le Bon Make-up:Miranda Joyce/Smile Management Hair:MarcLopez/Brigitte Hebant Stylist:Debbi Mason Scanned by me
  6. Paula Colombini is an Argentinian model and actress. She was born February 7, 1976 in Buenos Aires City, Argentina. She worked for these brands: Angel Face (makeup), Impulse (deodorant), Salon Selective (shampoo), Thermasilk, Cover Girl (makeup), Lux (soap), Pantene (shampoo), Emporio Armani, Gap, Guess, and Polo Ralph Lauren. She has been one of the Argentine models, with more success abroad.
  7. Marie Claire Italy February 1998 ''II sotto?Colorato'' Photographer:David Lasnet Model:Annie Morton Scanned by Sanja
  8. Marie Claire Italy,July 2001''Vita Privata''Photographer:Jonty DaviesModel:Nina Heimlich Scans:Rosie Nikolaeva
  9. ELLE ITALIA, FEBRUARY 1998 ''il gioco del tubino''Photographer: Christopher GriffithModels:Hollyanne Leonard and ?Styling: Marina MalavasiMake up: Helen Barnes/Brigitte HehantHair: Giovanni Di Stefano/Brigitte Hehant Scanned by Rosie Nikolaeva
  10. Elle Italia March 1998 "L'età del Bianco" Photographer: Doug Ordway Model: Diane Kruger Styling: Benedetta Dell'Orto Hair & Makeup: Patricia Agresoff/Gemel NYC Scanned by Rosie Nikolaeva
  11. ELLE ITALIA, MARCH 1995''Old America''Photographer: Anthony GordonModel: Amy WessonStyling: Rachele BagnatoMakeup: Steeve Daviault/Michele Pommier Artist Management Miami BeachHair: Steeve Daviault/Michele Pommier Artist Management Miami Beach Scanned by Rosie Nikolaeva
  12. ELLE ITALIA, OCTOBER 1997''NeoLolita''Photographer: Troy WordModel: Korina Longin"Styling: Ivana SpernicelliMakeup: Guillermo/Bradley Curry ManagementHair: Alberto Guzman/Bumble & Bumble Scanned by Rosie Nikolaeva
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